Rethinking Weightloss

Westchester Fitness Trainer Asks: Whats Your Diet Kryptonite?

Even Superman had something that brought him down. When I consult clients that want to lose weight, lose fat, get toned, and change their bodies forever, there is one thing thats a given everybody has some form of food kryptonite.

For some its cookies and cakes, for others its pizza and pasta, or rolls and bagels. Whatever your addiction is, the first step in solving the problem is admitting that there are certain foods, snacks, or food groups that cause you to go into a temporary state of insanity and become powerless against their forces.

You what I mean these are the foods that you cannot, even with all your will and discipline, stay away from. These are the foods that you say to yourself, Ill just have one, or Ill just take a bite or two, and before you know it, you have completely gorged yourself. This food kryptonite is so powerful and energy draining that even when you really want to stop you cant.

How can we fight food kryptonite?

1. Be aware of the foods and snacks that you cannot stop eating, that you are addicted to that you have no control over write a list if you must

2. Dont bring them into your home EVER

3. If they are present when you dine out be aware and take a moment by saying this little mantra in your head Only one of us will win. Its going to be me

4. If you have a slip, journal it. Write down where it was, when it was, which food beat you, who you were with, and any other points you may find significant. After that, just move on. Nobody is perfect. The fact that you recognized you had a slip means youre becoming more aware, and the fact that you took the time to write in your journal means you are willing to feel some pain which will only strengthen you in the long run.

Wanna know my diet kryptonite? Pizza and chocolate cake

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