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What This Scarsdale Personal Trainer Learned in 2023

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What can I sayas I look back at 2023 one word comes to mind UNCOMFORTABLE.

This has been the biggest growth year for me both in my business but more importantly as a person. At 31 years old, this last year really does seem like a blur like one long day with ups and downs good days great days and bad days but always failing forward.

A ton of experience, mistakes, lessons, triumphs and in-between. I feel like I have gotten more of an education in this year vs. all the years before that.

Im thankful to have this blog to kinda look back at where I started, where Im at and where Im going. That last sentence got me a little teary eyed to be honest as I type this on my laptop looking out the window with a cup of tea to the left, one of my cats to the right and my better half hanging out on the couch!

Its really cool to see some of your goals met, others in the works and new ones taking form.

This post is to help me as much as its meant to help you. Reflection is very important to me and its always during this time that I like to be alone and quiet and just be honest with myself without the chatter-box of our minds.

With further ado, Id like to share with you a few lessons Ive learned in 2023

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1 Guard your time: I have said no this year more than ever. You see, time is precious its all we got so I wont let myself get distracted anymore by the shiny thing in the corner. I used to, but now I pass up good opportunities so I can accomplish something GREAT no exceptions. Its not selfish its focused hyper-focused maybeobsessive?borderline but you will get nothing great ever done in life if you spread yourself thin so minutes to me are like a million bucks. Im just not giving it up its my right and its yours too.

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2 Study those who have succeeded before you: Success leave trails and if youre serious about getting results in certain areas of your life (business, marriage, weight loss) you should find out how others have done it. If you wanna lose weight for example, find someone who has and ask them as many questions as you can think of..what the ate, when they ate, how they worked out, their mindset etc dont re-invent the wheel just follow what other have done before you.

3 Two heads are better than one For instance, Im in a mastermind group (two actually) of some very successful boot camp owners and fitness pros from around the world and we are all their to help each other via email, phone or conference call to share ideas and contacts and to help each other add the most possible value to the boot campers / clients we serve.

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Its unreal how 10 heads are like 100 when its like minded people with a similar goal and how fast things get done this is one of the reasons why many of you have experienced more results at boot camp then anywhere else. Its the energy of the group that is a big reason.

4 Invest in yourself – The greatest ROI (return on investment). As a fitness pro we are all telling people that they need to hire a coach someone to make sure they are doing things right, someone to hold them accountable and someone to motivate them to be the best they can be and reach their goals in the fastest possible time.

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Thats exactly what I did. I hired a coach to help me put this boot camp together. I invested in myself more than I ever have before. I spent a considerable amount of money for coaching, info products, books, private membership ships sites and WHY? Cuz I punched my ego in the face and admitted I needed help.

At any given time in life, youre gonna be one of three things. A teacher (where you help others), a fellow traveler (an equal to someone else) or a student (where you are learning from the other and just listening) and boy how quickly we forget to be the student.

We are all fine with giving our opinions (even when nobody is asking for them) but as we get older, we just kinda get uncomfy with asking for help in certain areas like its some sort of weakness when its really a super strength.

5 Stand for something – So many fitness professionals try to be all things to all people. The funny thing is when you try to be all things to everybody, you become NOTHING to nobody.

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At some point if you want to count, you gotta speak your voice and tell it like it is. People like that actually they LOVE that.

My 2010 Ritual: Every morning I have one ritual that helps me stay positive and instantly connects me to the universe and its infinite power. I close my eyes in the showerget quiet..and say this to myself

Infinite Intelligencethank you for giving me the opportunity to inhale and exhale one more time and be part of the cycle. Thank you for the health of my loved ones and my own health I will never take this for granted. Thank you for giving me another day to live my dream I will learn something, give something and have a little fun in the process. Thank you

My 2023 Favorite Quote: A goal is a dream with a deadline! Napoleon Hill

Question of the day:

What did you learn about yourself or life in 2023? Please share your comments below and be heard by the community we all have created 

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