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Scarsdale Personal Trainer Warns Against The Sumo Diet

A Scarsdale Personal Trainer Post by Mitch Lee A.K.A. Charlie

Hey, do you wanna look like a sumo wrestler?

I assume thats a NO so the next question I have is do you eat like one?

Mitch, how dare you?

NoWAIT! on cuz how sumo wrestlers gain weight may surprise you and it may be what you are doing in your diet right now.

The following is the deliberate, ancient eating habits that create HUGE Japenese warriors (its not what you think)and see if some of these habits sound familiar to you.

These once small-framed young boys wake up about 5:30am every morning and

  • participate in 5 hours of hard exercise called keiko.

After they bathe, they eat their main meal of the day called chanko-nabe, a tremendous stew made of seaweed, cabbage, leeks, mushrooms, tofu, chicken, pork, salmon, eggs, rice and more rice and EVEN more rice.

  • After this serious over-eat
  • they nap for several hours before they wake up
  • eat another pretty large dinner and then
  • go immediately to bed. The next day they do it all over again and this goes on for years. Soon, youre looking at 400-700 pound monster!

I know what you may be thinking

he works out 5 hours a day, he only ate twice and a lot of the food in that stew was pretty healthy -how the hell can that be 500 pounds bad? Lets go deeper.

1. The first thing they do is skip breakfast. This is TERRIBLE if you want to lose weight. Your body wakes up in slow metabolism mode.

It wakes up with a big red DNA stop sign that says feed me or I will store fat all day long

2. Whats worse is that not only do sumos skip breakfast, but then immediately engage is very strenuous exercise with no food. Sound familiar guys?

This is a double-whammy as not only is the body not being fed after hours of sleeping, but the body is getting forced into hard work where it will CONSERVE calories even more.

The body doesnt look at this as a good idea for weight loss, it looks at this as a serious problem and possible famine You think this GOOD, but the body thinks this is BAD.

You wanna lose weight and fit in your skinny jeans but the body only wants to survive and NOT feel threatened or it will hold onto every extra pound you want to lose.

They OVEREAT their lunch because after skipping breakfast and working out for so long they are starving. We all know that overeating at any given time will cause fat storage but these guys go one step further and take a long nap right after lunch. This is begging to get fat.

And if that wasnt bad enough, they pretty much do the same thing for dinner and then go back to sleep again.

  • Eat breakfast dailyif you go to our scarsdale boot camp for the morning workouts, have something light like a 1/2 banana or a yogurt before training.
  • Train SMART, not long. There is no reason why 30-45 minute routines several times a week cant get you lean if its intense enough and your diet is correct for your body and age.
  • Dont overeat at any point. Eat small, frequent meals/snacks throughout the day
  • Dont eat 2-3 hours before bed time

I would love to hear your comments on this one. Does this diet sound like something you have doing the past few years?

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