Rethinking Weightloss

Scaring You Toward Weight Loss

Are you OK with dying around 50 or 60 years old or do you want to hang around long enough to have Willard Scott announce your 100th birthday on NBC?

Do you want to know what NBC stands for in my book? NO BULL CRAP No more excuses this is your life we are talking about

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If you want to live longer you better start losing that extra weight now YES I am right in your face with this one but its on purpose.

You see my friends, I get paid as a nutritionist and personal trainer to guide, motivate and inspire people to lose weight to help them get into the best shape of their lives to change their habits and create a new lifestyle not just so you look fit, firm and fabulous, but so you can enjoy the blessing of a long life THATS WHAT I DO THATS WHO I AM

And thats why I make no apologies for trying to scare you straight to tell you what you may already know but want to forget. I want you to feel uncomfortable reading this I hope you feel this deeply because if you do, then I got to you, and maybe -just maybe you will start on the path to change.

Being at a healthy weight is critical if you want to live as long as possible. We all know of the complications that being overweight or obese can give birth to: diabetes, heart attack, hypertension, stroke and even cancer. These words scare the pants off of people but words like overweight or even obese dont produce the same level of alertness and fear as it should.

Read this unsettling research:

A study conducted by Martin Neovius of the Karolinska Institute of Stockholm and published in the British Medical Journal suggest that being obese ( having a BMI >30) carries a greater risk of premature death than being a heavy smoker.


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