Rethinking Weightloss

A Scarsdale Personal Trainers Take on Halloween and Candy

First, know the goal:

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The goal THIS weekend is to MAINTAIN your current weight, not to lose weight thats too much pressure.

Its like the stock market, when its bad, all ya want to do is break even right?

So on holiday weekends the goal is to just not go backwards away from goals.

You do that and youre a champ!

Second, choose your vice:

Whatever it is you like the MOST, stick with that. If its Lolly-pops, have thoseif its Starburst or gummy bears, stick with that. Try to have no more than 500 calories worth of crapola. Our Scarsdale personal trainers can wipe that out in 1 boot camp workout so no biggie!

Third, move a little more:

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Since you know youre gonna be a little bad, just make a decision to walk it off or jog it off by adding 1 extra workout this weekend. For example, take a 20-30 minute power-walk with a friend before breakfast or after lunch, or add another Scarsdale boot camp workout in this upcoming week to make-up for the sweets.

This is the kinda stuff ya gotta do to be successful not only with weight loss but with everything. Maximize your efforts and minimize damage! Thats what it takes :)

Fourth, throw out all the junk when its over:

This is real simple. Throw out all the remaining candy and crap or give it to a neighbor that you cant stand. Be a mean girl LOL!

neighbors 300x199 A Scarsdale Personal Trainers Take on Halloween and Candy

Finally, dont feel guilty that you cheated the next day:

Im not gonna get into why cheating a little (NOT going nuts) is ACTUALLY a good thing for the dieter but it is.

Physically its good because after dieting and cutting calories for a while, the body starts to recognize the deprivation and it tries to hold onto calories (in the form of stored body fat) in fear of famine.

Now every now and again when you cheat, you are sending signal to the body that says Hey body, dont worryI am not starving you so enjoy this little cheat my friend.

The hormone Leptin (when released) helps the body to burn fat and when we diet for too long, we decrease our Leptin levels, so give your body a little food jolt every now and again. It will HELP you burn more fat sounds contradictory but its true.

Mentally we also need a break from dieting dont we? I mean, if you knew every week you could have your favorite cheat meal or your favorite dessert, you would be able to eat good the rest of the week wouldnt you?

Its when we say something like, Im never eating (fill in the blank) again, is when we get into trouble.

never say never1 300x230 A Scarsdale Personal Trainers Take on Halloween and Candy

Human nature tells us we automatically want what we cant have sometimes so dont say NEVER cuz then thats all you will want. Its negative to say never and its negative to say D.I.E.T. (I mean who can like a word that has the word die in it)

Im not about punishingIm about REWARDINGits more positive and it leads to a happier lifestyle and a pleasant journey on you way to weight loss, fitness and health!

So go have a safe Halloween and ENJOY yourself you deserve it!

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Bonus Tip:

My favorite cheat choice for Halloween isJunior Mints in the little box!

mints A Scarsdale Personal Trainers Take on Halloween and Candy

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