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How Scarsdale Boot Camp Member Howie Lost 14 Lbs!

Scarsdale Boot Camp Member Lost 14 Lbs! – Discover How He Did It – Read on…


Howie has been a member of Fit Figure Boot Camp for a few months and it seems like he lost a big chunk of himself practically overnight.

Howie (a 57 year old with high blood pressure) was the first male member of Fit Figure Boot Camp and I am super happy for him.

He was nice enough to share his secrets for dropping 2 pant sizes and 14 pounds – update – it’s now 16 lbs 

And… DRUM ROLL…he’s off his blood pressure meds for the first time in a year!

When I asked Howie what “clicked” that he decided to really get serious – he said that he figured he was spending all this time going to the indoor fitness boot camp in Scarsdale and sweating and investing in the program that he would be a fool to just ignore the other side of fitness and body transformation – DIET…so he decided to stop eating crap! (how simple yet genius)

Here is a blueprint of what Howie is doing right NOW that is helping him shed pounds…

the blueprint How Scarsdale Boot Camp Member Howie Lost 14 Lbs!

Howie always eats BEFORE he comes to boot camp (a smart move as the body needs FUEL to have a good workout, especially involving resistance training like weights, bands and body-weight exercises)

Breakfast – Howie chooses between 3 breakfasts

oatmeal sign How Scarsdale Boot Camp Member Howie Lost 14 Lbs!

– Greek yogurt

– oatmeal with flaxseeds (Go Howie!!!) or if he has time…

– an egg white omelet with feta cheese and salsa along with a tall glass of water.

Lunch – he keeps this simple – he goes for a grilled chicken salad (dressing on the side), or sometimes a protein based soup like lentil.

grilled chicken with salad How Scarsdale Boot Camp Member Howie Lost 14 Lbs!

Lunch was the biggest problem for Howie as he used to mindlessly eat or pick bad foods and snacks during that “2:30″ feeling. He no longer had burgers with fries and has avoided pizza as much as possible.

Dinner – Howie never knows if he is dining out or staying at home so he keeps things simple by doing one of 2 things.

stop eating poster How Scarsdale Boot Camp Member Howie Lost 14 Lbs!

If he attends the evening Scarsdale boot camp, then he just has something real light like a Greek yogurt with berries…and if he is at a restaurant he just make smart choice and cuts his meal in half and takes the other half home.

I asked Howie for 2 final statements that he would like to share that he feels would help others lose weight  and he said…

“avoid or limit alcohol and stop the mindless eating” – wise words from The “H” man!

Side note: during the 16 pound weight loss over the last 8 weeks Howie has hardly touched alcohol.

I would love your comments – so give Howie a “way to go” in the comments section below so when he reads this – he will feel the love 

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big red down arrow How Scarsdale Boot Camp Member Howie Lost 14 Lbs!

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