Rethinking Weightloss

Sister of Westchester Personal Trainer is a Big Loser!

So how did my sister lose 47 pounds and why is she sharing her personal training and nutrition tips with Westchester?

Well…cuz she knows what it’s like to be uncomfortable and she understands that the pain of being unhappy and unhealthy can really take its toll. She wanted to be an inspiration to the many women that I work with to tell you that you can also be a big loser!

You see – I can yell from a Westchester rooftop about the importance of fitness training, working out with a personal trainer, eating right, having the right mindset for weight loss all day long but…


nothing is as powerful as actually hearing from someone (my sister) who lost an unbelievable 47 pounds slowly and consistently by fitness training and eating smart (no dieting – no pills – no potions!)

My baby sis Jennifer was really nice to do this audio interview with me and share all of her secrets and strategies for weight loss.

I mean…she really spills the beans on this interview.

She will tell you her fitness training routine, how long she works out for, her cardio frequency, her nutrition tips, what snacks she eats, her mindset, and much more….

OK Westchester -if you are struggling with your fitness training routine or nutrition plan and you want some serious motivation from someone who has done it, just press play and listen to this content-rich interview with my sister Jennifer below!

Listen to this>>>

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Don’t forget to leave your comments – I would love to know some of your fitness training and nutrition tips that work for you…

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