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5 Habits of Highly Fit People in Scarsdale Bootcamp

A Scarsdale Bootcamp post by Mitch Lee A.K.A. Charlie

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Getting fit and/or staying fit is not a quick fix, its a LIFESTYLE and I know its not always easy.

So I asked a few people in my Scarsdale bootcamp, some private personal training clients of mine and some fit friends that have either lost weight and kept it off or have always been fit just how they do it lead an active lifestyle that is.

While there were different answers for some, there were 7 habits that all of them had in common so I thought you would like this.

1. They Dont Bring Junk Food Into The House

no junk food 5 Habits of Highly Fit People in Scarsdale Bootcamp

While all the fitsters said they do cheat on their diet from time to time and are far from perfect, the one thing they do not do is bring junk food into their home.

They said their home was like their temple and if theres one safe place they can go-to when the movie popcorn, restaurant and fast food dining and outside temptations gets too much is their home. They said it was the place where their goals and actions had a foundation.

The also did not buy junk food for their spouse, partner or child either. It was just a rule they had. If someone else brought it in the house, there was nothing they could do, but they didnt buy it.

2. Working Out Is A Priority For Them No Excuses

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They put working out, eating healthy and taking care of their bodies and minds as something they do in order to have leisure time/play time/chill time.

They look at having fun as a reward AFTER they take care of and push their bodies. I meanthis is the definition of how you must think, act and be if you are going to be successful at anything right? Its no surprise they said this and they were very strict about it..

They almost all said the same thing. Its JUST A PRIORITY in my life. Its not something I get around to when all is perfect with the world its something I do no matter what and in many instances its something I do MORE of when Im stressed, tired or getting negative cuz it helps me bounce back to positive quicker.

3. They Have a Goal They Are Looking To Achieve

goal setting 5 Habits of Highly Fit People in Scarsdale Bootcamp

Whether it was to get off meds, drop 30 pounds, fit back in their skinny jeans or just STAY fit, they all knew very quickly without hesitation what their goal was and they said said they think about it a lot, monitor their progress and when they get of course they make adjustments immediately and continue on.

Theses are not people who may want this or might want that or think it would be nice if they could

they KNOW what they want and go get it.


4. They Have a Reason Behind The Goal

motivation 300x199 5 Habits of Highly Fit People in Scarsdale Bootcamp

Each person had a big, motivating reason behind their goal. Some wanted to lose 5 pounds, some 30 and some wanted to get off meds or run a 5k. But WHY?

Well, the girl who wanted to lose 5 pounds has a wedding to go to in 44 days and she wants to look great in the picture

the guy who wanted to get off the meds wants to be there for his kids for a long time cuz his dad died young

the girl who wanted to drop 30 wants to be more attractive and get back to the days when her and her husband were all over each other and she also knows that these 30 pounds are preventing her from social events that she would otherwise feel comfortable at

the friend I know who wants to run a 5k cuz his sister is a survivor of breast cancer and he wants to run for a cure..

do you see how much more powerful it is when you know the reason WHY you want what you want?

i am powerful 5 Habits of Highly Fit People in Scarsdale Bootcamp

So the next time, you have cake in front of you, the next time you see that bag of chips in the store, the next time you are tired after work or cozy in your bed in the morning, remind yourself of your goals and remember the REAL REASON(S) you want it so bad

5. The Have Support and Accountability

hold me accountable 5 Habits of Highly Fit People in Scarsdale Bootcamp

There wasnt one person who said they didnt have some kinda support to help them reach them either a nutritionist, a friend, a life coach, a personal trainer, a boot camp instructor..some kind of a mentor and some kind of accountability.

This I know from major experience.

Never underestimate the power of a mentor or a mastermind group. You get so much more accomplished and much less time.

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