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#1 Dinner Trick To Slimming Down in 7 Days

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If you’re like me…

you don’t want to diet, you don’t want to eat foods you hate and you certainly don’t wanna think too hard about food every single day like 4-6 times a day.

But, like me, I’m sure you want to choose foods or WAYS of eating that are gonna help you lose fat, drop weight, get you lean and have tons of energy.

I have a little secret I wanna share with you and when I experimented with this 2 years ago, this is ALL I did and I lost 11 pounds in 5 weeks. It was sooooooooo easy!

All I did was choose low glycemic indexed carbs for dinner…

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That’s it…so all I need ya to do is give you a super-quick refresher on the glycemic index and you should drop 1-2 pounds a week…

Long story short, the glycemic index measures how FAST or SLOW a particular food raises your blood sugar levels

You want to choose carbs that are LOW on the GI Index because these foods release energy slow and steady giving you constant and sustained energy.

Those high GI foods gives you a huge burst of energy by raising your blood sugar levels up super high but it  doesn’t last long….

and as we know…what goes up, must come down.

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That’s really bad cuz it causes you to have low energy levels and hunger.                                                              

What’s sucks is that you may not be really hungry, but your body is searching for food to raise it’s blood sugar back up to a normal level.

This increase in calories from food is what causes not only weight gain and an unhealthy body, but can easily lead to obesity and diabetes. Hope this makes sense!

Now obviously, these low GI carbs are the kinds of carbs you wanna lean towards all the time, but all I did was avoid them at dinner.

Why dinner Mitch? Why is this the most important time to avoid them?

For 2 main reasons.

First, we all tend to overeat at night and second…

We are less active after 8pm and the last thing you need is a shot of energy from high GI carbs before bed. The easiest way to gain serious weight, especially around the waist is to eat a big dinner with a lot of high GI carbs and then hit the couch, watch T.V. and then go to bed. That’s a blueprint for heavy.

Think about it like this…your body needs energy during the day when you are active both physically and mentally…as the day progresses you need less energy cuz you’re winding down right?

low on gas #1 Dinner Trick To Slimming Down in 7 Days

If you drove your car around all day on almost empty, and the red light was on over bridges and through tunnels and on your way to meetings and picking up the kids or whatever, then you got home after a long day and filled your car up with gas just so you could park it, would that make any sense to you?

I hope not LOL…cuz it makes ZERO sense…

Without further ado…here are my favorite low GI Carbs to have with dinner

(and remember, don’t forget your protein like salmon, halibut, sirloin, tuna, skinless chicken, egg beaters, egg whites, lean ham, lean veal, 90% lean ground beef or turkey)

– basmati rice (long grain, wild)

– asparagus – my favorite side veggie!!!

– bell peppers

– broccoli…classic “get fit quick” dish with grilled chicken.

– cabbage

– cauliflower

– celery

– cucumbers

– eggplant

– lettuce…think salads with your choice of protein ***

– peas, snow peas…love baked chicken with BBQ sauce and snow peas


– spinach…love lean sirloin with side of spinach


-tomatoes…love like 3-5 scrambled egg whites (1 yolk) with slices of Jersey tomatoes!

– small sweet potato

I hope this was helpful. We love doing these blog posts for you. If you have any questions or comments you’d like to share with me, leave a comment below. I read everyone of them.

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