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Scarsdale Personal Trainer Furniture Slider Workout Part 3

By Mitch

Scarsdale Personal Trainer Post by Mitch Lee - The $4 Furniture Slider Workout - Part 3 [youtube][/youtube] Funny - so yesterday I was just walking around the neighborhood and someone recognizes me from all these blog posts and says "hey, are you that fitness dude with the boot camp?" At first, I thought I was gonna get a compliment but... Long story short, he's...

Scarsdale Gym Owner Furniture Slider Workout Part 2

By Mitch

A Scarsdale Gym Owner Post by Mitch Lee - The $ 4 Furniture Slider Workout Series - Part 2 [youtube][/youtube] I have a crush! and it's on these damn Furniture Sliders LOL... Check out these 3 tummy/core exercises that we do at our Scarsdale Gym for our fat blasting boot camp but remember... a HUGE part of getting fit and STAYING fit is...

Scarsdale Gym Owner Furniture Slider Workout Part 1

By Mitch

A Scarsdale Gym Owner Post by Mitch Lee - The $4 Furniture Slider Workout - Part 1 [youtube][/youtube] Our gym in Scarsdale ( you know...the indoor Scarsdale boot camp that's getting people fit fast) is known for outta-the box and innovative exercise routines. One of the coolest, craziest, most effective and INEXPENSIVE pieces of equipment we use are furniture sliders that you can...

Animal Kingdom Cardio

By Mitch

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been proven to be more effective at burning fat than steady state cardio. This is simply a FACT... Now I am not saying never to do some light cardio. I mean, we do light steady state cardio as well as short 30 second bursts of higher intensity cardio training at boot camp and I actually...

Top 3 Butt Firming Exercises

By Mitch

Who Else Wants To Know My Favorite Butt Firming Moves? One of the most commonly asked questions I get is... "How do I add more shape to my tush?" If you have a tush that is flat or you have a booty that needs shape and tone then... Make sure add a few of these exercises to your weekly workout routine and within...

Sister of Westchester Personal Trainer is a Big Loser!

By Mitch

So how did my sister lose 47 pounds and why is she sharing her personal training and nutrition tips with Westchester? Well...cuz she knows what it's like to be uncomfortable and she understands that the pain of being unhappy and unhealthy can really take its toll. She wanted to be an inspiration to the many women that I work with to...

Rethinking Weight Loss - by Westchester Personal Trainer Mitchell Lee

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