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Nutrition Tips & Tricks

White Plains Boot Camp Takes You To Metabolism School

By Mitch

:) A White Plains Boot Camp Lesson In Metabolism - Don't Forget To Take The Test At The End ******************************************************************************** Remember that Seinfeld episode where Kramer is pretending to understand what a corporate "write off" is and he really doesn't understand it? (There is a point here after you watch this) [youtube][/youtube] Well, that's how I think people talk about the...

Yonkers Boot Camp Trainer Loves Dark Chocolate

By Mitch

*** A Yonkers Boot Camp Trainer Post by Mitch Lee *** I'm not talking about regular milk chocolate in the video. Regular milk chocolate does not have the benefits of DARK chocolate and contains too many preservatives and too much sugar. Check out the video and have a happy Valentines Day from your Yonkers bootcamp instructor (who wore a red Adidas shirt...

Scarsdale Personal Trainer Shares His New Favorite Snack

By Mitch

A Scarsdale Personal Trainer Shares His New Favorite Snack! Sometimes your eating choices and your workouts get stale -YA GOTTA SWITCH IT UP :) [youtube][/youtube] Come and join theeeeee Scarsdale Weight Loss Solution...

Scarsdale Personal Trainer Uncovers 4 Anti-Aging Foods

By Mitch

***Scarsdale Personal Trainer Uncovers 4 Anti-Aging Foods*** Who else wants to firm, protect and even repair damages skin? Well...through a few simple additions in our diet, we CAN do just that. Beauty Food # 1 - Guava Very high levels of vitamin C (like 4x as much vitamin C than an orange high) this super food helps build collagen in the dermis which...

On-the-go Recipes From Your Scarsdale Personal Trainer

By Mitch

A Scarsdale Personal Trainer Post by Mitch "Endless Energy" Lee If you are like me, you're busy - VERY BUSY. I wish I was a great cook and had the time but I'm not and I don't. So I thought I would give you guys a few very quick on-the-go healthy snacks/meals you can either take with you or make at home...

Scarsdale Personal Trainer Warns Against The Sumo Diet

By Mitch

A Scarsdale Personal Trainer Post by Mitch Lee A.K.A. "Charlie" Hey, do you wanna look like a sumo wrestler? I assume that's a NO so the next question I have is do you eat like one? Mitch, how dare you? No...WAIT! on cuz how sumo wrestlers gain weight may surprise you and it may be what you are doing in your diet right...

Eat Smart This Labor Day Weekend

By Mitch

Is there anything cooler, more relaxing than a final BBQ weekend to close out summer with your friends and family? NO! But the endless appetizers, 3rd plates full, drinks, desserts and dips can make that bathing suit or pair of jeans feel like you bought it 3 sizes too small before the day is over so... here's how you avoid that and...

Scarsdale Bootcamp Dining Out Guide Part 1

By Mitch

Italian food is my favorite cuisine but it can be a calorie disaster. Authentic cuisine is focused on vegetables, seafood, chicken and healthy oils...not pasta, butter, sausage and alfredo sauce. When you walk into an Italian restaurant, here is what you need to know. The first thing you need to watch out for is the tremendous portions they tend to give so...

4 Ways to a Flat Belly

By Mitch

Ya wanna search for foods that contain the "healthy" fats also known as the monounsaturated fats. This type of dietary fat helps burn off body fat. NICE! Eat Avocados This fruit will help keep fat off the midsection. Add to salads, use as spreads on sandwiches or have on the side of your grilled chicken burrito. Grab Dark Chocolate Look for 60-70% cacao in...

#1 Dinner Trick To Slimming Down in 7 Days

By Mitch

If you're like me... you don't want to diet, you don't want to eat foods you hate and you certainly don'twanna think too hard about food every single day like 4-6 times a day. But, like me, I'm sure you want to choose foods or WAYS of eating that are gonna help you lose fat, drop weight, get you lean and have...

Rethinking Weight Loss - by Westchester Personal Trainer Mitchell Lee

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