Fat Loss Strategies

Summer Snack From Your Westchester Personal Trainer

By Mitch

Here's a delicious, low-calorie treat I bought at Costco this past weekend. I had one after my run and it was really refreshing and hardly cost me any calories at all! [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53TxMYiKKEI[/youtube] This is a much better choice than say scoops of ice cream or sundaes or cans of soda. We don't realize how all the little things add up. A good choice...

3 Sneaky Tricks To A Flat Belly

By Mitch

Ok... so here's the obvious. In order to lose belly fat you must exercise smarter and more frequently as well as slash your overall calorie consumption. You also need to understand that ya need to focus on the "quality" of the food you're eating, not just total amount of calories. I mean, eating 1,200 calories of candy is worse for you...

Sister of Westchester Personal Trainer is a Big Loser!

By Mitch

So how did my sister lose 47 pounds and why is she sharing her personal training and nutrition tips with Westchester? Well...cuz she knows what it's like to be uncomfortable and she understands that the pain of being unhappy and unhealthy can really take its toll. She wanted to be an inspiration to the many women that I work with to...

Rethinking Weight Loss - by Westchester Personal Trainer Mitchell Lee

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