Riverdale Gets Answers: Weight Loss FAQ #4

By Mitch

Ever wondered how many times a day you should eat if you want to lose weight? I promise the answer might surprise you. Guess what? It's NOT 3 squares. Here's a short video explaining all the details... [youtube][/youtube] Just remember that you need to choose healthy foods and listen closely to your "inner" hunger signals. Eat when you are slightly hungry and stop when...

Riverdale Gets Answers: Weight Loss FAQ #3

By Mitch

Weight Loss FAQ #3 - How long should I workout for? In general: For resistance training - 2-3 times per week for 30 minutes For cardio - 3-6 times per week for 30-45 minutes For more info, watch this video below. [youtube][/youtube] Hey guys! So sorry it took so long to write another post for you. You see, I know people are pressed for time...

Scaring You Toward Weight Loss

By staff
Willard Scott

photo credit: Alan Light Are you OK with dying around 50 or 60 years old or do you want to hang around long enough to have Willard Scott announce your 100th birthday on NBC? Do you want to know what NBC stands for in my book? NO BULL CRAP - No more excuses - this is your life we are...

Why You Cant Turn Fat into Muscle

By staff

I can't tell you how many times I've heard people who want to get into shape say they're going to turn their fat into muscle. Well, unless you're a magician or a hocus pocus specialist, you can't turn fat into muscle just like you can't turn water into oil or a cat into a dog. Muscle and fat are different...

7 Reasons Why the Pritikin Diet Stinks

By staff

When I wrote my last blog post called "Protein without Breakfast Stinks", I received an email from a former client of mine who disagreed with me completely. She didn't want to go against me by posting a comment so she sent me a private email outlining why she thought I was wrong. Controversy is good because it stimulates interesting debates,...

The Downside to Breakfast without Protein

By staff

"Pancakes can't be that bad right? I thought that low-fat meals were good if you are watching your weight. I have a diet book that says low-fat is the way to go." Well, let me tell you a story. I just got back from hanging out with my father who happens to be a type 2 diabetic and about 10-15...

Portion Control without Portion Control?

By staff

I want to be clear from the start. The amount of food you eat is important in your quest for permanent weight loss and should certainly be considered. However, I don't feel teaching or observing portion control is the best way to get you to your goal. Why in the world am I saying this? The 3 biggest problems I have...

Whats Your Diet Kryptonite?

By staff

Even Superman had something that brought him down. When I consult clients that want to lose weight, lose fat, get toned, and change their bodies forever, there is one thing that's a given - everybody has some form of food kryptonite. For some it's cookies and cakes, for others it's pizza and pasta, or rolls and bagels. Whatever your addiction...

Yes You Can Lose Weight!

By staff

When Barack Obama said those famous words, "Yes We Can", I was truly inspired, I was motivated - honestly I was close to tears not because I'm deep in politics, not even because it was historic for all the obvious reasons, but because when a message of possibility is delivered with passion, confidence, and clarity - you feel it. When...

The Adventures of the YO-YO Dieter

By staff

People use the term "yo-yo dieter" just like they use the term like Roth IRA - they've heard about it before and they think they understand it but more times than not, they don't really grasp the full idea and its' consequences. Let's first be clear about the definition of a yo-yo dieter. This is someone who jumps from diet...

Rethinking Weight Loss - by Riverdale personal trainer Mitchell Lee

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