5Sep, 2010

Eat Smart This Labor Day Weekend

Is there anything cooler, more relaxing than a final BBQ weekend to close out summer with yourlaborday1 150x150 Eat Smart This Labor Day Weekend friends and family? NO!

But the endless appetizers, 3rd plates full, drinks, desserts and dips can make that bathing suit or pair of jeans feel like you bought it 3 sizes too small before the day is over so…

here’s how you avoid that and indulge a little without killing your nutrition plan.

Eat before you go

A snack high in protein like string cheese or Greek yogurt will curb your hunger pangs and help to avoid the typical binge that happens at these BBQ’s.

Show some skin!

Yes I said it. Did you know studies show that women who wear loose fitting clothing eat more?  So do the opposite and wear something that you KNOW you will feel uncomfy in if you overeat. It’s simple but brilliant!

Don’t Be A “Nibbler”

asian overeaters1 300x262 Eat Smart This Labor Day Weekend

Make a choice. Put that food on ONE plate and eat that. The worst thing you can do is have “a little of this and a little of that.” Trust me..I have done that and you wind up eating like 5X more.

Look For The Terrific Three

cool number 31 150x150 Eat Smart This Labor Day Weekend1. Grilled or raw veggies (watch the dip)

2. Grilled chicken (without most of the skin would be a good idea)

3. Salads (watch the dressing)

Have a great weekend!

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