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16Aug, 2010

Visualize A Better Body

Every successful person on the planeteveryone whos every done anything greatanybody who hascreative visualization2 Visualize A Better Body accomplished their dreams or changed their bodies all have believed and used the art of visualization.

The definition of creative visualization is defined as: the practice of seeking to affect the outer world via changing ones thoughts.

In other words, go there in the MIND and you will go there in the BODY.

In the most well known study on creative visualization, Russian scientists compared 4 groups of Olympic athletes in terms of their training schedules.

Group 1 was 100% physical training

Group 2 was 75% physical and 25% mental

Group 3 was 50/50

Group 4 was only 25% physical but 75% mental training, in other words they were visualizing finishing the race of lifting the weight mostly in their minds. This was how they trained.

Can you guess which group performed the best?

Group 4! The group that trained mostly in their minds. The Russians discovered that MENTAL images can act as a prelude to muscular impulses.

The power of the human mind!

spoon bends Visualize A Better Body

Be Aware Of Your Thoughts They Are Like Waves

Mitchell Stares Out Ocean 300x225 Visualize A Better BodyFor those who know me welltheres a joke where people say, Mitch, are you there? thats because I spend a great deal of my waking hours in what can be described as hyper-focused thought basically Im a day dreamerand I think thats a good thing except when driving.

I pay careful attention to my thoughts cuz I know what you think about you bring about.

I pay careful attention to lifes subtle signs so I stay on my path and I want you to do the same when it comes to your body, your weight loss and your health

Try This Awesome Visualization Technique Right Now

visualize quote Visualize A Better Body

Close your eyes now and for just 2 minutes everyday for the next week. I suggest after today you do this within the first 30 minutes of waking while you are calm and the world hasnt started bugging you yet. I did my visualization technique for creating Fit Figure Boot Camp for 2 minutes while sitting down in the shower everyday for 9 months maybe TMI.but we move on.

sand visualize 300x225 Visualize A Better BodyThe point is to visual in detail how you wanna look. By that I mean your dream body. I want to focus on that picture of yourself for the entire 2 minutes.

Can you see yourself in the skinny jeans?

Can you see yourself eating all sorts of good fooods?

Can you see your refrigerator loaded like a Trader Joes?

Can you feel the hand on your shoulder of your friend who is complimenting you on how awesome you look?

If youre like me, chances are its gonna be hard to stay with that POSITIVE thought and see it believe it Visualize A Better Bodythose positive images for more than 20 seconds. Your mind will wonder to other thoughts, your mind will make excuses why you arent feeling as good as you should, you may even have a thought where you are explaining to your friend why youve been cheating on your diet.

Its amazing once we get quiet, how much we notice our mind racing with crazy thoughts some that even sabotage our dreams

Ill SEE it when I BELIEVE it(not the other way around)

Visualization Has Changed My Life In Many Ways Any Techniques That Have Worked For You?

Leave a Comment Below I read all of them.

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