6Sep, 2009

5 Things To Look For In A Westchester Personal Trainer

If you are currently working with a Westchester personal trainer or are thinking about hiring one, make sure they have these 5 key qualities or you may be wasting your time and money.

GraduationThe Right Education - When I say education, of course I mean that they must have hands on experience as a fitness trainer, or group instructor or something along these lines but certifications come a dime a dozen.

You can get certified as a fitness trainer for like $150 on line in about 3 days so they really need to have more than some crappy piece of paper that has a logo on it that says certified fitness trainer

Check to see if your current trainer or potential Westchester fitness trainer has a 4 year degree in a fitness or nutrition related field. WHY? Well, if you want to lose weight dont you think its important to have a personal trainer that can create a nutrition plan for you or at least give you tips about your diet?

iStock 000005420786XSmall2 300x216 5 Things To Look For In A Westchester Personal TrainerPassion Is your fitness trainer dedicated and passionate about what he/she does? Does your fitness coach stay up nights going on google or YouTube looking for new and interesting ways to work your body? Does your fitness trainer they buy their own equipment and re-invest part of their income on DVDs to keep your workouts fun, varied and challenging?


Or are they freshly fired from a job and looking for some easy money in an easy job while they quietly look for a permanent gig in their field.

Make certain that you trainer loves this stuff and is truly dedicated to the craft of fitness training cuz make no mistake about it it IS an art to be able to train different people of different ages with diferrent fitness levels and varied personalitiesAND YOU HAVE TO LOVE THIS SH*T and be really passionate about helping people achieve their dreams.

iStock 000005795857XSmall 300x267 5 Things To Look For In A Westchester Personal TrainerTestimonials This one is huge Westchester! Do you know how many personal trainers I know that have no testimonials or references. These testimonials are the real social proof that they are worth the investment and get results.

Well, how do I ask for references?

Simple -if you already have a personal trainer or just started for that matter, just look at your own body, and look at the bodies of the other clients he/she trains. Ask the other clients on the side if they feel like the program is working and if they are satisfied.

If you are on the phone with a potential fitness coach, ask for some reference phone numbers or better yet some before and after pics or some sort of proof like a video or audio recording where past and current clients are giving their approval.

If they cannot provide you with these things or they dont just have an awesome reputation DO NOT HIRE THEM AS YOUR PERSONAL TRAINER GOT THAT WESTCHESTER?

iStock 000008951820XSmall 300x199 5 Things To Look For In A Westchester Personal Trainer Specialization If you needed brain surgery, I would hope you would go to a brain surgeon that isa doctor that specializes in that area.

You should not go to a cosmetic surgeon for brain surgery cuz that is not their specialty eventhough they are both doctors right?

If you are looking to hire a fitness trainer/coach to help with your specific goals, it would be wise to ask if they specialize in that area. There is nothing that annoys me more than when I see ads in the paper for local gyms or business cards of local fitness professionals that say

we specialize in weight loss, muscle building, physical therapy, massage, body toning, flexibility, and functional bosu training, bla, bla, bla

I mean..how dumb!!!thats not being an expert or specialist thats being a generalist thats not being the go-to-person that is someone who is trying to be everything to everybody and I would doubt that is what anybody who is serious about their results is looking for.

iStock 000008495395XSmall 300x299 5 Things To Look For In A Westchester Personal TrainerExtra Support Does your personal trainer go the extra mile for you? Are they available when you need them? Do they respond to texts, emails, and facebook questions with 24 hours?

Do they have some sort of blog and/newsletter that provides you with tons of free diet and fitness information for you that will help you achieve your goals with super speed?

Is your fitness trainer thee one person you go to when you need health/diet/fitness advice? I hope so cuz if he/she is not, how good can they really be Westchester?

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