14Aug, 2009

Interview With Personal Chef Sharon Steinacker

Sharon PicAs a personal trainer I understand that a large majority of your success will come from your nutrition plan. As the saying goes you cant out train a bad diet!

Do you know who Im taking a picture with? Thats Sharon Steinacker who lives right here in Riverdale. She is the founder of Culinary Therapy and she is the best personal chef I have ever met (and Ive met many)

Before you read any further and grab her info at the bottom of this postyou gotta check out this video we did together

she teaches you how to make one of her signature tomato vegetable soupshonestly, this stuff was so good I took the left overs home and my girlfriend and I finished it in the next day! Check out this Riverdale chef in action below!


Sharon is a personal chef catering to the residents of Riverdale, Manhattan and Westchester. She creates quality, delicious and healthy food and will even deliver it directly to your door for you, your family or for an event. Yep directly to your door!

If youre a busy person living in Riverdale, Manhattan or Westchester, and seriously interested in investing in your health, saving on time and calories, Sharon has a healthy food list that will blow your mind.

Want to know something else? She will even customize the food based on your health concerns, taste buds and weight loss goals. Want it will little or no sodium? no problem! need it lower in calories? got it! like it spicy? sure!

This Riverdale chefs Rockin Tomato Vegetable Soup can be served hot or cold and can even be frozen!

The ingredients are:

2 baby carrots, 1/2 jalepino (no seeds), 8 plum tomatoes, 1 red pepper, 1 spanish onion, handful of cilantro, 2 Tbsp. of fresh chooped thyme, a little pepper, low sodium chicken stock.

To find out more about Sharons services just call:

(home) 718.543.2285 or (cell) 917.365.0554

You can also email her at culinarytherapy@hotmail.com

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