19Jun, 2009

Diets, Weight Loss And The Casino

Tonight my girlfriend and I went to the Empire Casino located in Yonkers to have a little dinner, bet on the horses and responsibly gamble on the slot machines.

I took my camera with me and decided to make this trip educational as I connected the casino and gambling with the shady world of fad diets. Watch this video until the endthats where youll really understand.

YouTube Preview Image

O yeah dont forget to take the nutrition quiz at the end to see if youre headed for a metabolic meltdown!!!

Hey Riverdale you should know by now that diets dont work, theyre just familiar but still many people fall into the trap of buying the next great diet book hoping that it will be the answer to all their weight loss problems.

There are thousands of diet books and endless suggesstions and so-called gurus that make themselves famous by over-promising and under-delivering.

They write a book, you buy it, they get rich, you see rapid weight loss, they get more rich, you stop losing weight and eventually gain it all back plus more, they stay rich until they write another book..and then they get ultra-rich againthe cycle never ends.

You should never go on a diet that implies that you will eventually go off the diet do you see the built in failure here?

********TAKE THIS QUIZ RIGHT NOW********

1. Do you eat something 30-60 minutes after you wake up most days?

2. Do you eat 3 meals and 2 snacks most days?

3. Do you make dinner your smallest meal of the day?

4. Do you stop eating at least 2 hours before bed time?

5. Do you really know the difference between protein, carbs, and fat?

6. Have you ever stayed consistent with a food journal (log)?

7. Do you make sure to get some form of protein in at least 4 of the 5 meals?

8. Do you consistently eat something every 3 hours?

9. Do you drik enough water?

10. Do you often eat away from the TV, internet, phone and other distractions?

Wellhow did ya do?

If you answered no to 7 or more of these questions thats trouble

If you answered no to 4-6 questions thats about average

If you answered no to only 3 or less of these questions you did well. If you are still not happy about your weight and shape even if you scored nicely, you need to take a serious look at your exercise program and see if you are making some classic mistakes. Until next time

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