18Jun, 2009

The Fitness Mind Shift Tactic From Your Westchester Fitness Trainer

How can I stay excited and consistent about my fitness program?

This video explains a **dirty little secret** that you may not know about me and a powerful mental trick that works like a charm.

Its called The Fitness Mind Shift Tactic and if it works for your Westchester personal trainer, it will work for you too!

Seriously, this change in mindset has helped me so much. Just watch this!

YouTube Preview Image

O sorry about the first 5 seconds of editing. I embedding the wrong video. forgive me Westchester! still like me? LOL

I want to learn from you Westchester. I know my biggest potential problem is when I postpone my fitness program until later in the day.

Whats your biggest excuse for not sticking to your fitness program? Also, whats your biggest problem that can cause you to almost not make it? Im really interested so leave a comment below and share.

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Comments on The Fitness Mind Shift Tactic From Your Westchester Fitness Trainer (2)

  1. Ben Rutkevitz

    Well said Mitch. I notice this a lot with myself and its good to hear someone express it like that. Now that its distinguished, i think it will be easier for me to overcome this.

    I love these weekly video posts, keep them up!

  2. admin

    Thank you! Glad to hear this will help you. People think I am some sort of fitness nut that loves to go 100% energy all day but Im human just like everybody else. I love to feel good and get a great return on my investment more than I actually like pushing or pulling iron or doing cardio.


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