15Apr, 2009

Riverdale Gets Answers: Weight Loss FAQ #4

Ever wondered how many times a day you should eat if you want to lose weight? I promise the answer might surprise you.

Guess what? Its NOT 3 squares.

Heres a short video explaining all the details


Just remember that you need to choose healthy foods and listen closely to your inner hunger signals. Eat when you are slightly hungry and stop when youre satisfied. Its that simple!

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  1. carey fox

    mitch- great messaging- however i would suggest you pick a look and stick with it, one that defines the role you want to portray: athlete, doctor. trainer, good neighbor, businessman, etc.- right now your appearence needs to go to the next step w the outfit that completes the cues your script speaks to. decide on a role model and make it your own. also, use examples to define your diet- the 5 meals laid out on a table or even in packages from the market- it creates more appetite appeal and visual interest for your point. and try to get
    up from in front of the camera- its too stagnant for the near five minutes we watch- keep it interesting on all levels! just a few thoughts. best, carey

  2. jennifer

    I absolutely love your video blog. Eating smaller meals more frequently is better for you overall and yes it is science.. yet it is so hard for people to believe me when I tell them that eating every 3 hours, 4-5 meals a day helps your metabolism and creates a healthier person. I live by this rule. My lifestyle for the last 5-6 years has been eating smaller meals more frequently. I love what you had to say! Its great.. really nice job. I am going to send this video blog out to my friends.

  3. admin

    Thank you Carey. I am just trying a few things and experimenting with lighting and stuff. Im sure as the weeks go on I will know what works and what doesnt. The most important thing for me I have decided is to show people the real me. Professional, silly, funny, annoying, etc. lol I just want people to feel that they know me nothing really scripted but I do plan on some crazy things. I will be taking it to the street very shortly stay tuned. Hope all is well with you my friend

  4. admin

    Jennifer my little lerm you are the best ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

  5. Nena Bernstein

    Thank you for the tips regarding eating 5 smaller meals per day. Do you have any suggestions for those 2 healthy snacks? Ive been eating tuna in water with a drop of low fat mayo with one slice of Arnold 15 whole grain bread.My other snack usually is Activia with fiber yogurt. Thanks!


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